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midwives college of utah dishonesty (AGAIN)

So, as many of you know, I attempted to report Better Birth of Utah to the Midwives College of Utah because I was concerned about the pattern of negligence that I discovered after being mistreated there. I found a string of women who had problems, doulas who wouldn’t rate the place nicely, ex students bad […]

shame on you too, Midwives College of Utah

The cowards at MCU haven’t answered for why their grievance committee never addressed my actual complaints about the policies and management of Better Birth of utah. They just pretended this was about one midwife’s behavior and not about the owner of Better Birth admitting “hey, that’s just how we do things here” (to paraphrase) when […]


The midwives college of utah didn’t answer my questions about why a woman who wasn’t approved to teach students was allowed to do so at Better Birth of Utah. They are behaving like cowards and not answering for their evasive (and ultimately, benign) resolution in response to my complaint.  The only conclusion I can draw […]

MCU will keep my complaint on file, and that is all they will do.

Those who read this website know that the majority of my complaint was about how Suzanne Smith, the owner of better birth, responded to the mistreatment I went through there. In MCU’s letter they claim that Ester Werbach was never approved as a preceptor- why the HELL was she training students then??? They claim no […]

oh, no.

My Midwives College of Utah formal grievance process is not over yet. I got an email from the MCU president. ello,   Our committee has met and discussed the complaint you have filed with Midwives College of Utah.  We have a few questions for you to help us prepare our response.   1.      What suggestions would […]

grievance process update

nothing has happened. The college is going to keep me posted (???) but it has been several weeks and no new emails have come through. I have to be patient with their volunteer’s availability to review the case. so frustrating.   edited to add: I got a response from the college. They did not keep […]

the official grievance process has started

I sent an email to start the official grievance process at the midwives college of utah. I am pretty miffed that I wasn’t alerted of the existence of this process until I publicized this matter/started a petition, but at least something can be done (maybe). I am kind of scared to check my email about […]

no one caught the baby, it fell on its head

I didn’t think that the allegations of unprofessional conduct could get any worse, but I found a filtered yelp review today that made me gasp in horror(click ‘filtered reviews’ at the bottom and type in the code to see it): I squatted and pushed hard once, and then pushed very hard again and I could hear […]

Its not just me- other women have been mistreated

I wanted to make a post specifically to show allegations from other people who have had problems with their experiences at Better Birth. I have linked to this information in other posts but it is scattered throughout and not well organized. I will edit and update these if I find more, or please leave more […]

Sign the petition to revoke Better Birth’s clinical education privileges with The Midwives College of Utah!

As I have mentioned before, Better Birth LLC is not just a birth center, it is an education center for students of the Midwives College of Utah. The misconduct and unethical behavior is being taught to students by example, and I for one think it is wrong. It isn’t just wrong because of what future […]