the official grievance process has started

I sent an email to start the official grievance process at the midwives college of utah. I am pretty miffed that I wasn’t alerted of the existence of this process until I publicized this matter/started a petition, but at least something can be done (maybe).

I am kind of scared to check my email about it though, it wrecks up my whole day to deal with this bs. I hope the woman who did the student package and no one caught her baby will do the same thing. This place needs to shape up before students pay them good money for clinical education.

Another concern I have is for anyone who might get abused by a midwife or a student midwife there (or if, god forbid, a baby dies). The owner of Better Birth has no problem covering up abuses that happen there, as demonstrated by the many women I found who never got an apology (or even an acknowledgment) for what they endured there.

I’ll update this post as I get brave and check my email, probably this friday. I’m sick and there are other non-PTSD things going on in my life right now to complicate all this, too. Thank you for the support everyone, I literally have not gotten one bad comment since I opened this website.


UPDATE- 9/17/13 No email back yet from the clinical dean. Its been two weeks. Asked for an update….

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