Sign the petition to revoke Better Birth’s clinical education privileges with The Midwives College of Utah!

As I have mentioned before, Better Birth LLC is not just a birth center, it is an education center for students of the Midwives College of Utah. The misconduct and unethical behavior is being taught to students by example, and I for one think it is wrong. It isn’t just wrong because of what future patients will endure, it is wrong because the students pay good money for a quality education and are not receiving it. I have personally contacted the college about this but they have done nothing in response. I created an online petition to let the college know that the Natural Birth community in Utah won’t stand for this any longer. At a minimum the college should investigate the claims I forwarded to them instead of dismissing them completely, along with the claims of other women online (on sites like yelp and yellow pages).

Sign the petition by clicking here.



  1. I would sign the petition, but it is worded in an exclusionary way that makes it so that I can’t. It says that I, as a signatory, am a member of the Utah birth community. I’m not. I’m in PA. Is there any way you can edit the petition?

    Also, did you see Sarah Carter’s response to the petition? Was she at all helpful? I wouldn’t really expect her to be, as my experience seems to be that midwifery educators think women should not feel violated by being touched by a midwife, only by a man or an OB. I got a less than sympathetic response back when I complained to one midwifery school about their practice of having beginning level students perform cervical checks on each other without first warning students before signing up for the course that this would be included, and without making any allowances for privacy (two women both laying spread eagle at the end of a queen sized bed, with 6 other students and one instructor standing there looking at and touching them…yeah, NOT my cup of tea! I managed to use my menstrual cycle as an excuse not to be examined…but I still felt weird about performing the exams in such a fashion.).

    1. Hey thanks for your comment. The petition is kind of done, I got an official grievance process (supposedly, its been weeks since anything has happened). Apparently it existed all along but no one told me about it until the petition started, so I basically got what I wanted out of it. The information you’ve shared is disturbing to me. Sexual assault is common so it is weird to expect students to do that to each other in such a public way. Jeez.

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