Its not just me- other women have been mistreated

I wanted to make a post specifically to show allegations from other people who have had problems with their experiences at Better Birth. I have linked to this information in other posts but it is scattered throughout and not well organized. I will edit and update these if I find more, or please leave more in the comments. I’ve found the information fits into roughly two categories:

Specific Negative Experiences (the ellipses are where I snipped out sentences for brevity)

UPDATE: I have a report of inappropriate touching during labor at Better Birth of Utah. I believe it because the same thing happened to me. 

1:“. Well, in the end, I had been in hard/transition labor for so long (well, 6 hours was long to me) that I was exhausted and still had no idea how long I had to go….and then my son’s heart rate dropped. After being hauled down the stairs naked and on a sheet (the did cover me with a second sheet) I delivered at St Mark’s hospital probably less than 15 minutes after arriving…** P.S. I sent a letter to Better Birth detailing what a traumatic experience I had while in their care back in July and have not received an apology or even any kind of acknowledgement about my horrid experience. I’ll be sure to steer people clear of Better Birth from now on! *”

“there was a complete lack of warmth or kindness from any of the women attending to me. They felt put-upon because I was in labor. 

…they would come in, check things then leave, but wouldn’t tell us anything… They made me stay in one particularly horrible position because my son had moved and was now in the wrong position. I was in that position for HOURS! … During this time, they did nothing to help, just told me to lower my voice to my chest because it would help with the pain.

When my son came out, something happened and I was bleeding excessivly…I don’t remember much from this time because I later found out I lost 2 units of blood. 2 UNITS of BLOOD and they didn’t transfer me to the hospital or even gave me a saline drip or anything. I had to ask the midwife how much blood I lost, she didn’t tell me. I felt so shaky and out of it but I had no idea that was a side effect of loosing so much blood. 

Finally, they don’t really tell you hardly anything about taking care of the baby in those first few days. Like that they would sleep most of the time during those first few days. I thought there was something wrong with my son because he was sleeping ALL THE TIME and didn’t want to eat.”

3“I feel like all they really care about is money and have no sense of customer service or an attitude willing to help you. It’s them against you. 

1- they could have done the episiotomy and finished it instead of incurring us $4,000 in hospital bills
2- you need to pay everything up front and then they tell you they don’t do any refunds whatsoever
2- they told us they had a transport, then we got in our own car to drive to the hospital
3- the midwives act like they know everything until you actually start labour
4- if you’re doing hypnobirthing, just so you know they coach you to push and squat and do whatever you can to push the baby out”

4. No one caught the baby- he fell on his head. A woman is made to give birth naked with 8 people watching who aren’t friends and family. When the baby was born no one caught him and he fell on his head. This poor sweet newborn had bruises. The midwives put a hat over the bruise to try and hide it, and then denied wrongdoing. 

5. No complaints, but look at the picture. Frightening.

6. there were complications and extremely poor choices made by the midwives (including suzanne) that resulted in my wife literally almost dying. In fact if it werent for my request for an ambulance it seemed as if they were just going to let her lay there and die(they didnt even suggest EMS or that we take her to the hospital as she bled out).

Specific Midwife Problems

Trinette Thompson

1. The midwife Trinette was the attending and she does not have appropriate people skills to be a midwife. She was uncommunicative, somewhat rude, secretive with the other staff, and took a very long time in making any decision. This led to a delay in care for the newborn.

The baby came out and had a hard time breathing. Of course I understand that not every baby needs to be suctioned, but he was having retractions and grunting and was unable to clear his airways. They did not communicate to the family that they were concerned about the baby. This went on for a couple of hours at least.

Suzanne Smith

1.” She did not provide much, if any, information during my visits unless I asked a very specific question. This was my first pregnancy and I would have appreciated much more info about pregnancy, birthing, her view on birth, etc. 2. She was unkind/rude to several of her apprentices during my visits. Also, I had paid more to see her instead of apprentices, but she had them perform exams frequently. 3. During my birth (at home), she was extremely uninvolved, and the minimal suggestions she provided for issues that arose were not helpful. I felt that she was not competent, or at least did not demonstrate any level of competence, knowledge, or caring for my situation. 4. I was transferred to the hospital, which was very disappointing and could have been avoided as my child was not in distress. 

Suzanne Smith was rated worse than the national average in Staff friendliness and courteousness, Level of trust in provider decisions, How well provider explains medical conditions, How well provider listens and answers questions, and spending appropriate amount of time with patients 

Suzanne smith never responded to this woman’s letter about her terrible birth experience. She doesn’t care. This is despite the Better Birth care contract stating that women with a complain have to take it up with her first. “My experience with Better Birth occurred in February of 2012. It is now almost Feb 2013 and despite the letter I wrote to Better Birth explaining the terrible experience I had in their care and the fact that I’ve posted plenty of reviews stating that, I have received nothing in response from them.  Not even a simple “I’m sorry, we should work on that”.  It makes me feel that they really don’t care at all for their clients and only care about the money they can bring in.”

Vague Warnings

A student midwife on yelp (this is in the automatically filtered area of yelp reviews for Better Birth LLC)

1. I am a student midwife. The program offered by Better Birth is terrible. I witnessed this as I attended the program for 8 weeks. The program is unorganized and not worth the $$$ you will pay. This place is like a fast food baby birthing place. I do not recommend this place for women and family’s. During my stay, I saw many unsafe and unexceptable situations between midwives, students, clients and babies. This place would be shut down very quickly in Los Angeles and other states. I attended a few hospital delieverys both in Orem and Salt Lake while I attended better birth (transports). I would certinly reccomend having a baby in the local hospital’s rather than at Better Birth. The staff at the hospital’s were lisenced, professonal, caring and qlalified to care for the mothers and babies. Better Birth is not an example of what the midwifery community would deem an exceptional, safe place for women and babies.


Do not go to Better Birth as a student, you will learn what not to do as a midwife.
Do not have your baby here!

This place should be called “WORST BIRTH”

2. A doula on birth center:

“I would be careful with better birth. I have, as a doula, had many moms with terrible experiences. This is what happens when you have students without a good teacher.”

How many problems need to be reported before someone takes the problems seriously? Why does the midwives college of utah refuse to do anything about students using this place?

The therapist I saw after the abuse has a lot of experience dealing with trauma victims. She told me that when you traumatize someone you can usually count on them slinking away without doing anything about what happened. They just try to forget or move on. The fact that there are so many complaints leads me to believe that there are probably several others that have never been shared. When you’ve been hurt by someone and they try to tell you that its all in your head it can be hard to believe in yourself and your own experiences. There is also the issue of feeling humiliated- I know I felt totally humiliated about what happened to me, I had a very hard time sharing. Knowing that I could help someone avoid the same fate was more powerful than the shame I feel over what happened. I know logically that this wasn’t my fault, but like all victims of abuse I still feel like it was. I hope the women hurt by this place have found some peace and support in their lives after this. No one ever forgets the day they gave birth.


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