no one caught the baby, it fell on its head

I didn’t think that the allegations of unprofessional conduct could get any worse, but I found a filtered yelp review today that made me gasp in horror(click ‘filtered reviews’ at the bottom and type in the code to see it):

I squatted and pushed hard once, and then pushed very hard again and I could hear someone say “here comes his head”. All of the sudden I saw the baby shoot forward, face down, smack his forehead on the wood floor, and then slide on his face.  I heard a couple of the women gasp. Everyone was dead silent in the room and then the student who was trying to deliver the baby with no assistance from anyone else in the room,  stepped around me and picked up the baby. The midwives sat me back onto the floor and someone handed me the baby. The floor was covered in blood, and I had blood all over me so I was having a hard time holding the baby. They then told me to get up and that they wanted me on the bed.

As I was trying to stand up, while holding the baby, I slipped on the blood and almost fell over. I caught myself and made it to the bed.  The midwives let me hold the baby for a  baby’s forehead and that the lower part of the baby’s face appeared to be purple and bruised. There’s was also a small scratch in the middle of the bump. The midwives immediately put a hat on the baby, which covered the bump.

No one said anything about the incident and when we tried to address it later, they all denied it happened, even though we have pictures of the bump on the babies head and 4 witnesses!

of course this dangerous conduct was not free from plain old unprofessional conduct:

.   A midwife took my robe off me, saying it would get blood on it, leaving me completely naked in front of the 8 people who were staring at me. This was the most embarrassed I have ever felt in my life.  I sat on the birthing chair, but then decided that I wanted to squat.

I am attempting to contact the writer of the yelp review to give her info on how to file a complaint. She has evidence and witnesses, and this NEVER should have happened. If it does happen they need to APOLOGIZE AND MAKE IT RIGHT.

ONCE AGAIN, midwifery students were there. They are learning that if a baby gets dropped on its head you put a hat on it and pretend like it never happened. If you think this is awful please sign the petition to revoke Better Birth of Utah’s clinical privileges with the Midwives College of Utah. Or you can email the staff at MCU to try and stop these practices from seeping out into the community.

I do not know if you can file a DOPL complaint on behalf of someone else, but I am certainly going to try. this absolutely needs to be investigated and cannot continue.

UPDATE: as of 3:40 I sent my complaint to DOPL about the yelp review. Since a date is listed for the events it should be pretty simple to investigate this one. I hope whoever is responsible pays.

UPDATE: I am pretty sure I found the mom on facebook. I am sending her a message right now.


  1. Ashlee Pinnell · ·

    I am the sister of the mom who filed this complaint. I am also a witness. I am truely disgusted with how they treated and handled her whole birthing process. If you are still needing to get ahold of her, I will be more than happy to give you her contact information. Better Birth needs to be exposed for what they really are.

    1. Thank you so much for verifying this story.

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