Monthly Archives: February 2015

the trial is still on

Unfortunately I have to fork over my therapy records for the other attorneys to review. I didn’t cause any of this and it seems really unfair because I am actually bringing my therapist to answer questions, but hey, c’est la vie.

Hell hath no fury like a rich person scorned

As I discussed in my previous post, my abuser is going to be at my trial next month. Other people are on the list as well, such as an OBGYN and a psychologist (who will likely try to diagnose me via my internet posts, ridiculous). Better birth is also using 2 lawyers from one of […]

another trial update

ester werbach is going to be at my trial. I don’t know how to deal with this. ┬áThe flashbacks already happen daily and are put into motion by things that remind me of that day. Now I am going to have to see her in court and hear her lie to everyone about her deplorable […]

There has been a pattern of high view counts with low visitor counts. 200 views a day between 8 people? y’all are creepy, just fyi