Monthly Archives: June 2013

There is one fewer midwife on Better Birth’s “midwives” page

Ester Werbach (the midwife that abused me) isn’t listed on Better Birth’s “midwives” page anymore. I haven’t gotten any correspondence from Better Birth so its hard to know where she went or why.   The way I see it (and this is purely speculation) they are probably just distancing themselves from what happened without actually […]

Its not just me- other women have been mistreated

I wanted to make a post specifically to show allegations from other people who have had problems with their experiences at Better Birth. I have linked to this information in other posts but it is scattered throughout and not well organized. I will edit and update these if I find more, or please leave more […]

Sign the petition to revoke Better Birth’s clinical education privileges with The Midwives College of Utah!

As I have mentioned before, Better Birth LLC is not just a birth center, it is an education center for students of the Midwives College of Utah. The misconduct and unethical behavior is being taught to students by example, and I for one think it is wrong. It isn’t just wrong because of what future […]

My Ordeal Part 4- the aftermath

It was clear that Suzanne Smith was unwilling to do anything to help me after I had been abused at Better Birth of Salt Lake. I went to my care contract copy to see what to do next and found the department of professional licensing information. I attempted to report Ester Werbach for sexually assaulting […]

my ordeal: part 3

At this point in time the owner, Suzanne Smith, and Ester Werbach sat on the couch opposite me and Ester said that I wasn’t in labor. excuse me? After making me sign the form that said I was in labor and couldn’t get a refund. I could barely understand what was happening to me because […]