Its not just me- other women have been mistreated

This is the most important post for prospective customers of Better Birth to read. Make sure you look at all the evidence provided, I do keep this post updated with contemporary information as it comes to me.

Shame On Better Birth

I wanted to make a post specifically to show allegations from other people who have had problems with their experiences at Better Birth. I have linked to this information in other posts but it is scattered throughout and not well organized. I will edit and update these if I find more, or please leave more in the comments. I’ve found the information fits into roughly two categories:

Specific Negative Experiences (the ellipses are where I snipped out sentences for brevity)

UPDATE: I have a report of inappropriate touching during labor at Better Birth of Utah. I believe it because the same thing happened to me. 

1:“. Well, in the end, I had been in hard/transition labor for so long (well, 6 hours was long to me) that I was exhausted and still had no idea how long I had to go….and then my son’s heart rate dropped. After being…

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