The judge in the case said I cannot prove that the behavior of the staff at better birth definitively caused my damages. One of my therapists told me after the trial that this is the common outcome of sexual abuse lawsuits that she has witnessed. She said its tough, a medical practitioner can usually demonstrate […]

Will likely be in a month. Wish me luck!

I am currently waiting for the next court date for my trial. I cannot discuss the trial lest I taint someone elses testimony, but it has encouraged me to write and check up on a back log of emails that I did not address at the time. It used to ruin my day to deal […]

Originally posted on The Midwife From Hell:
Failed a million times, left the soul feeling sad, succeeded finally, realizing failure was the teacher

You have to click the “10 more reviews not-recommended” link at the bottom to see the following review of Better Birth, which is primarily critical of employee Trinette Thompson. I only had one appointment with her, but she discouraged me from vaccinating and did not know that the flu was a virus instead of a […]

Another day, another blue baby.  This blue baby with no pulse was also born at better birth awhile back, perhaps even in the same tub. I have no idea why home birth advocates post such horrifying photos from water births and gush over them.  I’ve seen more smiling moms holding blue, floppy babies in tubs […]

All the little details never quite fall into place.

Trial went all day and still not done. So the next date is going to be next month sometime, and MY SPOUSE WASN’T CALLED AS A WITNESS YET SO I CAN’T DISCUSS IT WITH HIM AT ALL. I’m glad I have my attorney.

My trial is this week. I feel totally overwhelmed.

it is so weird to think that attorneys are literally being paid like 200$ an hour to read my blog.


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