Unfortunately I have to fork over my therapy records for the other attorneys to review. I didn’t cause any of this and it seems really unfair because I am actually bringing my therapist to answer questions, but hey, c’est la vie.

As I discussed in my previous post, my abuser is going to be at my trial next month. Other people are on the list as well, such as an OBGYN and a psychologist (who will likely try to diagnose me via my internet posts, ridiculous). Better birth is also using 2 lawyers from one of […]

ester werbach is going to be at my trial. I don’t know how to deal with this. ┬áThe flashbacks already happen daily and are put into motion by things that remind me of that day. Now I am going to have to see her in court and hear her lie to everyone about her deplorable […]

There has been a pattern of high view counts with low visitor counts. 200 views a day between 8 people? y’all are creepy, just fyi

still no word on if my case is dismissed, though it seems unlikely at this point in time. wish me luck?

One of the most offensive things about the “bad review?” page on Better Birth’s website is the claim that they feel very sad about my situation. They claim to feel sad because they think I am crazy, not because anything bad happened to me, but that is beside the point. I am pretty certain they […]

It lets me look at the search terms that lead people to this website. Some of them are extremely disturbing to me. “My midwife rubbed my clit” and “can my doula rub my clitoris?” are terms that make me very uncomfortable. If you have landed here because you have experienced sexual abuse at the hands […]

I received an email awhile ago… I am sorry I neglected to check on the account here earlier, but here it is. Hi, I have a feeling Esther Werbach was at the birth of my child. I already had my midwife and her assistant there, but at the last minute they asked this other lady […]

Looks like I will be waiting weeks to hear if my lawsuit is going to be dismissed or not, as well as if my therapy notes are going to go to the birth center’s attorneys. I’m bringing the therapist with me so I don’t understand why they need to read through the notes (unless of […]

I’ll let you know if they are able to later on this month. On a related note, if you plan to file a lawsuit similar to mine it would be wise to have an attorney at least review your case before filing.


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