The midwives college of utah didn’t answer my questions about why a woman who wasn’t approved to teach students was allowed to do so at Better Birth of Utah. They are behaving like cowards and not answering for their evasive (and ultimately, benign) resolution in response to my complaint.  The only conclusion I can draw is that they don’t care about quality education for their students (and by extension they do not care about quality care for the future patients of students who learn at places like Better Birth). They care about cronyism and protecting their own at all costs.

This is what I have found in the natural birth community in Utah. When you are pregnant there is a lot of talk from them about respect and autonomy and how awful everyone else will treat you, how safe midwifery care it is, etc but when something goes wrong none of them are willing to do anything about it. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. I am deeply hurt that the rhetoric of leaders in the natural birth community in utah (Suzanne Smith, Kristi Ridd-Young, Midwives College of Utah) doesn’t match up with their actions. I’ve found this to be the case all over the nation when midwives screw up (accident or not). It becomes an issue of self protection instead of the principles that the community claims to value.

The truth is that they don’t care about you, at all. My case is illustrative of what you can expect if something bad happens while you are in the care of a midwife. No one will be held accountable.

My lawsuit against Better Birth is set for december, and the papers have been served. They haven’t contacted me to try to make a settlement or anything (maybe they will in the future), but they weren’t interested in settling through my attorney so I am doubtful that they are willing to compensate me for their breach of contract.

I would have taken an apology and a partial refund. I really would have. But this is what will happen instead. I have to get up in front of a bunch of strangers and talk about what happened, what it cost me, and how the owner of the business refuses to make it right. It is going to be horrible, but I feel that I must do this in order to teach midwives that sometimes people will take it upon themselves to MAKE them accountable for their actions. No one else will, so I have to.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Siri Dennis · ·

    Good luck!! Fingers crossed!! Stay strong.

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