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Shame on you, Tara Tulley.

I already have a few posts up about Tara Tulley, but the information is scattered, so I thought I would make a final summarizing post. Tara Workman Tulley has decided that the screencaps of her own words are too embarrassing to leave online- they have been deleted, but I have a copy. When a midwife […]

better birth lies about the safety of out of hospital birth

I was poking around better birth’s website the other day, and I was perplexed to find this pdf on their website (titled “The Advantages of Out of Hospital Birth”, by Suzanne Smith LDEM). the very first claim is a whopper: Out-Of-Hospital Birth is Safer than Hospital Birth Yes, that’s right, safer. Scientific studies from around […]

The appeal has been filed

I’m pumped! It was easier than filing the initial suit. I brought christmas candy to the justice court to apologize for having yelled last time I was there (at Suzanne Smith and Tara Tulley, not the court staff, but I still made their job harder). Everyone was super excited! I think a few people broke […]

I think I am finally done with EMDR

I’ve worked through all the memories of the birth trauma and its been very effective. I have a follow up in a few weeks with the therapist in case anything needs patching up, but I feel pretty great about my hard work in therapy paying off.    Still not okay to go to the doctor […]

Better Birth’s shameful response to abuse has been widely publicized

They have landed themselves on the skeptical OB. There are more horror stories about better birth in the comments. They just keep rolling in. I’ve submitted professional complaints against Tara Tulley LCSW (for failing to disclose conflicts of interest to a judge), and Suzanne Smith DEM for disclosing (false) health information about former patients. I […]


I checked out the local court website and it says that I can introduce new evidence in my appeals case. !!!!!!!!!!!! I have a very good feeling about this. also- thank you for all the views. in one day!!!!

michigan midwives are unaccountable, too

michigan midwives are unaccountable, too. It seems that Direct Entry Midwives (lay-midwives) evading responsibility for their actions is a nation-wide phenomenon.

The questions better birth should have answered

Better Birth has (unofficially) responded to the complaints I have compiled on this website. They never directly address the concerns that are brought up on this website. Here are the questions that I wish they had answered (for future patients): 1. What is an appropriate response when an employee of your birth center is accused […]

Screencap of Suzanne Smith and Tara Tulley on a political committee in response to Valerie El Halta’s arrest

They claimed in court to have little affiliation…..

screencap of defense of killer midwife valerie el halta

This thread is deleted off of facebook now. I guess they realized how awful it makes midwives look. I’m sure they will keep all their support of negligent practices to private meetings after this, eh?