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My Ordeal part 2

I went home with my husband to labor. I was trying to ignore that I had been abused by the midwife. I was using hypnobabies and tried to repeat some of the affirmations, like “I accept whatever turn my birthing takes”. I know now how unrealistic is was for me to try and ignore being […]

My Ordeal: Part One

The following is an account of my ordeal at better birth of utah. I will later post an email exchange between myself and the owner (suzanne smith) about the events that transpired. I was so excited to finally be going into labor- my baby would soon be here. I reviewed the instructions on when to […]

How to file a complaint against a midwife in utah

According to better birth’s website (click on ‘forms’ and then look at their care contract), disputes can be resolved by going to DOPL or the Utah Midwives Association. The former only matters if your midwife is licensed, so verify a license here first. If your midwife was licensed you can file a complaint against them […]

going to better birth? better bring a doula

from better birth’s FAQ: What is a doula, and do I need one? A doula is a professional labor support person. We love doulas! While we highly recommend you hire a doula if you are planning a hosptial birth, the type of labor support offered by a doula is an inherent part of the services […]

A conversation with Trinette

This was during my pre-natal care, and paraphrased: me: should I get a flu shot? (it was flu season) Trinette: Conventional wisdom says yes, but there are reasons not to. me: like what? Trinette: the shot is going to make you sick, for one thing. me: no, it will not. I’ve had one every year […]

6 Things you may not know about Better Birth

1. Their midwives are not state licensed This is despite the claim on their Website. You can check here (click “verify a license”). I alerted better birth and the state licensing board of their claim and both said it was resolved, but when I visited the website again it still claimed all their midwives were […]