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The brighter side of the trial

Suzanne Smith called detective huntington into court as a witness. She seemed to think that my going to the police would bode well for her somehow (????) but the judge said “wow that really is gross negligence” (which voids the contract) instead. I learned that detective huntington did ask a non-midwife about how appropriate the […]

oh, no.

My Midwives College of Utah formal grievance process is not over yet. I got an email from the MCU president. ello,   Our committee has met and discussed the complaint you have filed with Midwives College of Utah.  We have a few questions for you to help us prepare our response.   1.      What suggestions would […]

police update

SO I finally got up the courage to follow up with detective bruce huntington’s sergeant (troy carr), and guess what? According to them the investigation was appropriate. that’s right. so if you get touched sexually at the doctors office/midwives clinic/hospital expect the following in your ‘professional’ investigation: 1. your accuser (or their employer) will be […]