oh, no.

My Midwives College of Utah formal grievance process is not over yet. I got an email from the MCU president.



Our committee has met and discussed the complaint you have filed with Midwives College of Utah.  We have a few questions for you to help us prepare our response.


1.      What suggestions would you like to offer BB regarding informed  consent and the use of OTC medications?

2.      What suggestions would you like to offer to help BB become more sensitive and helpful in serving women with a history of sexual abuse?


To me this indicates that they take Better Birth’s version of events as being basically true, and that they just need some practice suggestions to make for happier customers. I’ve been put through enough nonsense during this ordeal to see what is coming next. “Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention, Better Birth has resolved to seriously consider you suggestions, blah blah blah, we wish you all the best.” I haven’t anticipated any good news about this *ever*, but it still hurts to see it happening in slow motion. Here is my response:

 These questions you are asking make it seem like I am supposed to clear up some kind of misunderstanding, to give practice suggestions, etc. That isn’t what this is about. This clinic broke the law repeatedly and there is evidence that they knew of the laws regarding informed consent, misrepresenting a midwifes credentials, etc and did not follow them. Suzanne defended these policies at her clinic in her correspondence with me. This isn’t a matter of needing education or suggestions- they knew better and this all happened anyway. Here are the suggestions- which should not need stating in the first place:

1. Better Birth needs to follow its own care contract and the law. I am not sure why you are asking my advice on this- the materials they give to patients and the care contract spell out exactly what they should do. The contract states that patients have a right to determine their own medical care.

2. This boils down to following the law and their own care contract. Suzanne’s email indicated to me that she thinks there is a ‘fine line’ when it comes to listening to a woman who is begging for an exam to cease. There isn’t a fine line.  Contact should end IMMEDIATELY upon revoking of consent. not doing so is called BATTERY. It doesn’t matter if someone is a victim of sexual abuse or not, forced or coerced vaginal examinations are WRONG no matter who it happens to.  She can ask an attorney if she doesn’t understand the implications of making illegal conduct into policy at her clinic. Again, I was promised the right to make decisions about my care and suzanne broke her contract.
Better Birth needs to cooperate honestly with the police when sexual misconduct occurs in their clinic. Excusing the behavior to the police is disgusting.
I also feel that is surreal to be asked to provide these suggestions to a woman who has proven herself to be completely dishonest whenever it suits her. What assurance is there that my suggestions will be heeded? The force of law and basic moral decency has had no effect, why would my suggestions make a difference?
I would be shocked if they did anything serious, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt (for now). Let’s hope I can finally catch a break with all this.

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  1. It does sound like they’re giving you short shrift. As if you’re complaining to a hotel about the crummy housekeeping.

    I hope you get a good result at the hearing.

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