my story

I have PTSD as a result of better birth’s practices and policies. My story is in four parts below- there is very little editing, I don’t really like to read this over again to check for typos and grammatical errors. Sorry.

part one


part two


part three


part four


After all this, Better Birth still refers patients to the abusive midwife I encountered. Details here. 



  1. […] had absolutely horrible experiences with childbirth, and midwives in particular. (here is a link to the story for anyone who is interested). Luckily my child and I made it out alive, though I was very damaged psychologically by the […]

  2. […] birth is the solution to the problems with maternity care systems, but I beg to differ. I found out the hard way that midwives can be just as aggressive and uncaring as any physician. There is not much […]

  3. […] has the story of my experience at a birth center with lay midwives. There was a CNM at one of the checks and she was […]

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