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It lets me look at the search terms that lead people to this website. Some of them are extremely disturbing to me. “My midwife rubbed my clit” and “can my doula rub my clitoris?” are terms that make me very uncomfortable.

If you have landed here because you have experienced sexual abuse at the hands of a Natural Child Birth worker just know that you aren’t alone. Part of why I felt compelled to start this website was that I couldn’t find stories similar to mine online. I felt so, so alone. I am horrified that anyone had to deal with sexual abuse during labor, but I am also glad that people are able to come to my website and see that they are not alone. I am contemplating starting a forum for women abused during child birth (sexually or otherwise). Let me know if there is interest in this idea by commenting on this post.


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  1. […] website that indicated that midwives and doulas have touched clients inappropriately, and women searching for answers about their own birth experiences landed here as a result. All of us had the same story, all of us had our clitoris rubbed in a sexually purposeful manner […]

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