A new report of inappropriate touching at Better Birth

I received an email awhile ago… I am sorry I neglected to check on the account here earlier, but here it is.


I have a feeling Esther Werbach was at the birth of my child. I already had my midwife and her assistant there, but at the last minute they asked this other lady to come. I think she just needed to assist at more births to attain her “degree” or whatever. I didn’t want her there but I was screaming in pain at this point and just told them fine, whatever. She’s the one who actually caught my baby.

I bring this up because while I was laboring in the birth pool I felt like she touched me inappropriately- stroking my clitoris. I tried to assume it was just an accident, but it felt really awful and creepy. I was so glad when she left!

Does she look kind of like a hippy? I have such vague memories of her because I was near the end when she came and then I delivered and then she left. I barely had my eyes open during any of that time so I couldn’t say exactly what she looked like or what her name was.

My birth was in Northern Utah with Better Birth as my provider. Cathy Larson was the main midwife.

Anyway, I’m not certain if it’s the same person that caused problems for you. I love what you are doing to try to make midwifery safe and bring about accountability for midwives in Utah. Keep up the good work!

I no longer support homebirth in the US because of all these problems. If midwives here had real degrees and training, OB backup, malpractice insurance, etc., etc., etc. then I’d be fine with it. Who knows when that will ever happen!

for the record Ester Werbach was an older hispanic woman. I will be contacting the person who emailed me to see if I can get more details. Maybe this type of abuse is rampant in out of hospital birth settings? I commend the author for submitting this email to me. I apologize for the lateness of my reply.


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