They aren’t sad. They are angry.

One of the most offensive things about the “bad review?” page on Better Birth’s website is the claim that they feel very sad about my situation. They claim to feel sad because they think I am crazy, not because anything bad happened to me, but that is beside the point. I am pretty certain they don’t feel sad at all.

I estimate that Better Birth has spent much more on attorney’s fees than it would have cost to just resolve my issue. I could be mistaken, but they have decided to use a very expensive law firm that is very far from the court, and the sheer amount of time spent on certain things leads me to believe that they have spent copious amounts of money on trying to shut me up.

If I really was some poor, deluded soul that they pitied, why would they treat me this way?

The truth is that they are angry with me. They are angry that I’ve told people what goes on at the birth center, they are angry that I have pointed out how backwards the direct entry midwifery practice act is (a law that Suzanne Smith, owner of Better Birth, had a crucial role in passing). They are angry that people know things that they would rather keep quiet. They are angry that their business practices has likely led to a loss of clients, but instead of blaming themselves or changing for the better they have decided to dig in their heels and blame me instead.

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