police update

SO I finally got up the courage to follow up with detective bruce huntington’s sergeant (troy carr), and guess what? According to them the investigation was appropriate. that’s right. so if you get touched sexually at the doctors office/midwives clinic/hospital expect the following in your ‘professional’ investigation:

1. your accuser (or their employer) will be asked about what happened before you are, and will be believed

2. the detective will not ask any other professional agency or individual about the appropriateness of the reported behavior

3. the detective won’t ask how you were touched

4. the detective will make excuses for the accused (‘it was incidental’, ‘they were just being thorough’, ‘it was only a medical exam’)

5. the detective will not interview other people that were there

6. the detective will use his personal, sexual experiences with his wife as a basis for finding your complaint valid

Gee, I wonder why women don’t report their rapes.


  1. Personal details of his sex life with his wife??????

    That is completely inappropriate. This is someone from the Special Victim’s Unit????

    I would continue over his head and ask for someone else.

    1. yeah he said he could ‘see how someone could get confused down there. I am married, after all.”
      I was just stunned and had no idea what to say. This was a midwife with a decade of experience, not a guy who says crap like “I am married, after all”. He basically told me he doesn’t know how to navigate his wifes vagina?
      The internal review board found no wrongdoing so I don’t have any other appeal process to use in the department. I’ll have to sue them or something to get anything done, and its not like I have unlimited resources. Justice is for the rich I suppose.

  2. In my state (PA), medical care providers are specifically exempted in rape laws if they are conducting “medical procedures.” I haven’t read yet what your midwife did…but basically the essential thing is that if a medical care provider is touching a woman’s genitals in any way, even if she says “stop” or something similar, or even if she never consented but rather her legs were held open by other people while the medical “care” provider did…WHATEVER…all the medical “care” provider has to do is say “I was performing a medical exam” and VIOLA…the woman can not file rape charges.

    It’s insane, and there really should be huge protests against this.

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