The appeal has been filed

I’m pumped! It was easier than filing the initial suit. I brought christmas candy to the justice court to apologize for having yelled last time I was there (at Suzanne Smith and Tara Tulley, not the court staff, but I still made their job harder). Everyone was super excited! I think a few people broke their diets because of me. My baby got a sticker from one of the baliffs, it was shiny so it kept him occupied for a long time.

In utah small claims appeals result in a brand new trial, so I can introduce any new evidence I want to (such as the “negative reviews” page being a pretty egregious breech of contract! They promised me they wouldn’t share my health information unless legally necessary). After some work I’ve established that it is an industry-wide practice to treat sexual abuse survivors differently during maternity or gynelogical care, and that the difference in treatment is aimed at avoiding traumatizing patients further. I can bring my therapist as a witness and present evidence that Tara Tulley (LDEM, LCSW) has a close personal relationship with Better Birth and is therefore less credible as a witness than my therapist. I’m set. The previous trial helped a lot in helping me figure out what issues are legally relevant.

Before that though, I will have to go through mandatory mediation. It would be a lot simpler for everyone if Better Birth would settle, but I’m not optimistic. They don’t believe me. Its understandable- no one wants to believe a friend or colleague is capable of abuse. That’s why people get away with it so much of the time. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi there, I followed you from IBTP. I am so sorry that this happened to you and wish you all the luck and strength that you need with the painful follow up. You are a real inspiration.

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