How to file a complaint against a midwife in utah

According to better birth’s website (click on ‘forms’ and then look at their care contract), disputes can be resolved by going to DOPL or the Utah Midwives Association. The former only matters if your midwife is licensed, so verify a license here first. If your midwife was licensed you can file a complaint against them here. Select “direct entry midwife” as the profession (unless the person you are complaining about has a different title).

The utah midwives association doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I cannot find any working email addresses or phone numbers for them, so they are not a remedy.

If you want to take action against a certified midwife you can look into doing so here. Be warned that NARM does not take complaints that are currently in some kind of legal process, so you can only complain after everything is concluded or if you don’t plan to go to a lawyer or police over your ordeal. NARM can only give a binding resolution if there are multiple complaints, but someone has to be the first (it might as well be you).

After my ordeal I made a point of contacting the Midwives College of Utah, and urge you to also if you are concerned about the “education” students are receiving at Better Birth. The contact list of emails is here, with the clinical dean being the person in charge of student clinical rotations like the ones at Better Birth. The president of MCU is also available. The students pay good money to be a part of the program, and the habits they learn will be applied to a lot of patients later on so it is extremely important that clinicals only take place at a professional establishment. A student on Yelp has noticed the second rate care being rendered at better birth of utah and said so quite plainly.

UPDATE: the clinical dean has instructed people to email to file an official grievance.

This makes up the bulk of what can be done about direct entry midwives and their misconduct. It is a shame that it is so difficult to get any kind of review process initiated when so many people seem to have been wronged by one birth center. I asked Suzanne Smith LDEM (the owner of Better Birth) how to initiate a complaint with the licensing board when one of her employees harmed me and she refused to answer. I know now that it was because that employee wasn’t licensed to begin with, and she felt no obligation to share that with me. What I know about is just a small minority, a tiny sample of people who have been treated poorly or even traumatized on what should have been the best day of their life.

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