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these are the happy customers?

I decided to look at the stories better birth links to on its website as examples of happy, satisfied customers. I expected idyllic experiences that were undoubtedly within the scope of practice outlined in utah state code. The stories posted make such an assumption questionable. Some of these stories make me wonder why Better Birth linked […]

Ester Werbach is still practicing, and better birth recommends her

I am absolutely, completely disgusted with every midwife in Utah right now. I disclosed some gross negligence and sexual abuse by a midwife named Ester Werbach at Better Birth of Utah. She left Better Birth (or was fired, there is no way to know). I had assumed that since I had outed this woman for […]

The lawsuit is filed

I’ll be in court on december 5th with my husband to let a judge hear the case. Wish me luck everyone! They can’t be doing this sort of thing to other people. I am proud of myself for finally gathering up the strength to file. I hope they feel a bit of pressure about their […]

no one caught the baby, it fell on its head

I didn’t think that the allegations of unprofessional conduct could get any worse, but I found a filtered yelp review today that made me gasp in horror(click ‘filtered reviews’ at the bottom and type in the code to see it): I squatted and pushed hard once, and then pushed very hard again and I could hear […]

There is one fewer midwife on Better Birth’s “midwives” page

Ester Werbach (the midwife that abused me) isn’t listed on Better Birth’s “midwives” page anymore. I haven’t gotten any correspondence from Better Birth so its hard to know where she went or why.   The way I see it (and this is purely speculation) they are probably just distancing themselves from what happened without actually […]

Its not just me- other women have been mistreated

I wanted to make a post specifically to show allegations from other people who have had problems with their experiences at Better Birth. I have linked to this information in other posts but it is scattered throughout and not well organized. I will edit and update these if I find more, or please leave more […]

Sign the petition to revoke Better Birth’s clinical education privileges with The Midwives College of Utah!

As I have mentioned before, Better Birth LLC is not just a birth center, it is an education center for students of the Midwives College of Utah. The misconduct and unethical behavior is being taught to students by example, and I for one think it is wrong. It isn’t just wrong because of what future […]

My Ordeal Part 4- the aftermath

It was clear that Suzanne Smith was unwilling to do anything to help me after I had been abused at Better Birth of Salt Lake. I went to my care contract copy to see what to do next and found the department of professional licensing information. I attempted to report Ester Werbach for sexually assaulting […]

my ordeal: part 3

At this point in time the owner, Suzanne Smith, and Ester Werbach sat on the couch opposite me and Ester said that I wasn’t in labor. excuse me? After making me sign the form that said I was in labor and couldn’t get a refund. I could barely understand what was happening to me because […]

My Ordeal part 2

I went home with my husband to labor. I was trying to ignore that I had been abused by the midwife. I was using hypnobabies and tried to repeat some of the affirmations, like “I accept whatever turn my birthing takes”. I know now how unrealistic is was for me to try and ignore being […]