Ester Werbach tries to change her name *again*

I noted before that Nueve Lunas Maternity is Ester Werbach, and now I found that she is going by Ester Rolaiser. I’ve also found her going by Elda Ester Werbach. It is all the same person.

She is trying very hard to hide who she is and what she did to me, but I have to live with it the rest of my life and so I will not let her deceive new patients. She is a sexual abuser who performed unecessarily aggressive and painful vaginal examinations. She has the full force of the Utah Midwives Organization with her to try and keep her practicing midwifery despite the things she has cost me (and likely countless others).

I am going to have to monitor the courts for official name changes that she will likely file in the future. If anyone is confused here is a picture of her:

activism w ester

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