Better Birth’s latest legal action against me


UPDATE 6/17/2015 Better Birth was ultimately awarded 166$ by the court.

Here is their latest filings for court costs. I blocked out the names of my therapists in red, and their paid expert witnesses in black. They are the names of people that Better Birth chose to retain at ridiculous expense, and none of them actually testified in the case. If this were legal everyone could retain 100 experts for 100,000$ each and then bankrupt their opposition if their motion to dismiss were granted. Their experts weren’t relevant to my case and Better Birth’s decision to waste their money on irrelevant witnesses isn’t something I am going to pay for.

This should erase any doubt that Better Birth feels “sad” about what happened to me at their birth center. They are wildly angry that I chose to tell people. I can understand having to pay their subpeona and filing fees, but the rest? It really isn’t my problem. I don’t think I could pay them if I wanted to.

Just know that this will be you if Better Birth screws up your child’s birth. You are going to have to deal with the full force of an angry business owner that is willing to use their wealth to bully other people.

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