Hell hath no fury like a rich person scorned

As I discussed in my previous post, my abuser is going to be at my trial next month. Other people are on the list as well, such as an OBGYN and a psychologist (who will likely try to diagnose me via my internet posts, ridiculous). Better birth is also using 2 lawyers from one of the state’s most expensive firms.

The bottom line is that with so many expensive experts and attorneys and so many filings I estimate that they have spent more than I actually filed for in my lawsuit. They don’t feel sad for me, like they claim on their website. They feel angry that I told everyone what happened and now they are willing pay other people almost anything to try and shut me up. They want to win this case so they can go on to sue me for defamation and attempt to silence me forever. I refuse to back down. The justice system is imperfect and they may win, but that is of no concern to me. It would be disappointing, but I can’t control what happens, only accept it. I have to be able to sleep at night, I have to be comfortable with how I chose to deal with an incredibly difficult situation. Silencing myself because of legal threats or the sheer amount of money that Better Birth has compared to me would be a coward’s way out.

They should be ashamed of the way they have conducted themselves in this matter. I cannot overstate the level of aggression they have shown against me for talking about my experiences at Better Birth, and the state of midwifery in Utah generally. They have had their attorney threaten me with all manner of ridiculous things, and I know as well as any other person that being innocent doesn’t prevent the legal nightmare of dealing with a wealthy person with a vendetta and an aggressive attorney. I’m probably going to be dealing with them for years, because they have the money to file any ridiculous thing and I will still have to show up to defend myself. Suzanne Smith (the owner of better birth) feels very comfortable using her wealth against people who talk negatively about her business. Remember that if you go to better birth in order to save a buck- if they hurt you or your baby, if they traumatize you or simply lied to get you to sign up for services, you’re going to deal with a legal nightmare trying to get your money back which will likely cost you more than you would have saved by going there. I’ve yet to see them accept fault for any of the complaints submitted to them (by myself or others) so if something goes wrong (and it will for someone, because no midwife is perfect) you’re going to be left with few viable options for compensation.

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