Husband: My wife almost died at better birth

I am currently waiting for the next court date for my trial. I cannot discuss the trial lest I taint someone elses testimony, but it has encouraged me to write and check up on a back log of emails that I did not address at the time. It used to ruin my day to deal with more stories from BB, but due to the trial I am keyed up basically always now. I regret so much that I did not get back to this man before now. Here is the story he emailed me nearly a year ago:


My name is (redacted) and my wife delivered her baby at BB in slc just a few months ago. there were complications and extremely poor choices made by the midwives (including suzanne) that resulted in my wife literally almost dying. In fact if it werent for my request for an ambulance it seemed as if they were just going to let her lay there and die(they didnt even suggest EMS or that we take her to the hospital as she bled out). We would appreciate if you could share with us where you are at in the legal process thus far. We are currently writing up statments to pass on to an attorney who recently won a settlement for my brother for a malpractice and won him 1.2 mil before the attorney fees. Unfortunetly midwives have very little laws but as of now we are determined to get money from them to pay our hospital bills or if they manage to squirm out of that to make things very difficult for them legally.
We look forward to hearing from you,
(redacted) and (wife’s name)
This is, by my count, the third person I’ve seen who is eager to sue better birth for damages. I may put together a guide for suing in small claims after my case resolves, its an avenue you can pursue even if an attorney is not on your side. The most you can be awarded in Utah is 10K in small claims, substantially higher than most states (which have their limits at 5,000$ or 3,000$). I’m not an attorney but if I can help someone get their money back, even a small portion of it, I will do so. They tell you that their birth center is safer than a hospital, and then fail to act when complications happen, or even actively abuse patients under their care. Don’t fall for their sales tactics, they don’t care about you once you’ve paid up.
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