Another horror story on Yelp!

You have to click the “10 more reviews not-recommended” link at the bottom to see the following review of Better Birth, which is primarily critical of employee Trinette Thompson. I only had one appointment with her, but she discouraged me from vaccinating and did not know that the flu was a virus instead of a bacteria. Anyway, here is the review that was posted on Yelp! On 9/12/14, she seems to have been there while watching her sister deliver:

My sister delivered at the Salt Lake location of Better Birth recently. We had a very bad experience. The midwife Trinette was the attending and she does not have appropriate people skills to be a midwife. She was uncommunicative, somewhat rude, secretive with the other staff, and took a very long time in making any decision. This led to a delay in care for the newborn.

My sister went through about two hours of pushing/feeling the urge to push before the staff checked her and decided to help move the last bit of cervix out of the way (there was a small lip in the way that was easily moved). She then had to push for an hour after that. I attribute what happens next to their inability to act.

The baby came out and had a hard time breathing. Of course I understand that not every baby needs to be suctioned, but he was having retractions and grunting and was unable to clear his airways. They did not communicate to the family that they were concerned about the baby. This went on for a couple of hours at least. Still no suctioning, no checking O2 levels. The attending midwife never even checked the baby until about 1-2hours later. She had the resident and the students checking the baby. Finally, they decided that he needed some support and called IMC. They ended up taking him to St. Mark’s NICU. Trinette actually told my sister after they made the decision that they could wait another hour before taking him in. My sister was appalled and said that she wouldn’t wait.

My sister opted not to treat for GBS so long as her water did not break prior to the onset of labor. I got the feeling that this midwife was upset with her decision and was waiting to take the child in to be vindictive. Turns out, the baby had aspirated some blood and fluid and this was the source of the breathing difficulty. Probably due to my sister having to “push” for so long. The baby was stressed in transition for so long.

I really love midwives and believe that they can provide wonderful care for most women with a low risk. I used one for my birth recently. This midwife was like no other that I have met before. She was rude, and uncommunicative, and a very poor provider. My poor sister had a very long and arduous labor that would have benefitted from some knowledge and compassion from her provider.

Is this how you want your birth to go?


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