another set back

Looks like I will be waiting weeks to hear if my lawsuit is going to be dismissed or not, as well as if my therapy notes are going to go to the birth center’s attorneys. I’m bringing the therapist with me so I don’t understand why they need to read through the notes (unless of course they have a terrible case and are desperate for something to pick at? who knows). There isn’t any real discovery in small claims courts usually.

I’m getting so fed up, it is hard to hold on sometimes. Every time they try to weasel out of being accountable, every time they insinuate I am lying about what happened, it is wounding. Haven’t they put me through enough? I have had to put my story on the internet for everyone to see and the one bit of privacy I was hoping to keep might be taken away. In the first trial Tara Tulley insinuated that I enjoy having this blog up, like its fun for me, that I enjoy the attention. This blog is humiliating for me. I used to write the original entries (the “my ordeal” posts) right before therapy because they were so difficult to write. I could write whatever I could get out that day, and drive to therapy to deal with the feelings that came out of writing it down and hitting “publish” for the world to see. I should not have to tell everyone that I was severely mistreated and molested at Better Birth, they should have taken appropriate action when I reported what happened. They should have not lied about their “expert” witness’s relationship with the birth center during the second trial. This thing has been going on for years now. What happened was awful enough, but the way they have reacted has been needlessly hurtful. There is no need to put up a web page to gaslight me, to tell me that I didn’t “perceive labor correctly”. I have been more than willing to accept a change of heart on their part, a compromise, anything to acknowledge what happened to me and to prevent it from happening again to someone else, but Better Birth has consistently been resistant to behaving professionally and maturely in response to my complaint. They treat me as though I am a liar and a criminal, when there is absolutely nothing to evidence either assumption.

c’est la vie.

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