remember, this meeting IS being recorded (part one…)

I feel forever grateful that me and my son were okay after choosing these sorts of people to deliver my baby. The lack of concern these women show for babies injured or killed by negligent midwives (and the grieving family) astounds me. If you live in Utah please contact your state representatives to fix the legislative problems with utah midwives.

Safer Midwifery in Utah

I found the recording of a meeting of utah midwives after the preventable death of a baby at the hands of a serially negligent midwife (Valerie El Halta). This post aims to summarize the meeting (click this link to listen). I have it saved on my computer if they decide to delete it. Descriptions of the meeting are in bold, my commentary is in normal text.

The first 6 minutes is murmuring and obviously not the meeting itself. You can skip it.

Tara Tulley leads the meeting with a statement, and stresses repeatedly that the meeting is being recorded and the media might get their hands on the tape because it will be posted online later. She starts the meeting by talking about how she doesn’t want to discuss the charges against the midwife, just how she wants to gear up the community to prevent any legislation from restricting a…

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