Ester Werbach is still practicing, and better birth recommends her

I am absolutely, completely disgusted with every midwife in Utah right now.

I disclosed some gross negligence and sexual abuse by a midwife named Ester Werbach at Better Birth of Utah. She left Better Birth (or was fired, there is no way to know). I had assumed that since I had outed this woman for her behavior, in public, that she would have a difficult time getting anyone to hire her. I thought she wouldn’t be able to hurt someone else like she hurt me ever again.

I was wrong. It turns out that the natural birth community in utah is willing to aid my abuser in securing new patients.

I first found out about this while I was investigating the Utah Midwives Organization (for my other blog, Safer Midwifery in Utah). I listened to one of their meetings and it mentioned that Ester Werbach had passed her NARM exam. Everyone congratulated her.

I felt sick. I thought “why would she take the NARM exam unless….” Oh. She is still at it. With the full support of the community.

I also noticed that the Utah Midwives Organization page accepted her as a member. 

I also noticed that there are other web pages by her, under the alias “Nueve Lunas Maternity”.  She owns the domain Nueve Lunas Maternity is also a part of the UMO members page, meaning that the UMO was totally fine with Ester’s attempt to hide her deeds when future patients look for maternity care. Its disgusting.

This is despite the fact that one of The Utah Midwives Organization’s most prominent members, Holly Richardson, is running for office.

Tara Tulley is the vice president of The Utah Midwives Organization. So she finds this all acceptable, too.

I wasn’t sure if Ester still worked at Better Birth and they just took her off of the ‘our midwives’ page or not, so I emailed them from a different account asking about spanish speaking midwives. They recommended Ester Werbach to me by name and gave me her new email address. I emailed ester and asked her if she worked at a birth center or if she does home birth, and she does home births.

This is some catholic-church style, protect-our-own-no-matter-what crap that I just cannot believe.

I have to deal with what she did to me for the rest of my life. Why does she get to forget? Why are midwives helping her to hide what happened?

If anyone needed proof that midwives aren’t feminists, this is it right here. Feminists do not turn their backs on women who are mistreated and sexually abused. They do not try to hide the abuse or discredit the victim. They do not help the abuser get access to more potential victims.

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    This is pretty dang scandalous! I found a lot worse things on the Utah Midwives Association page and will be sharing it very soon.

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