Better Birth gaslights with the best of them

Heres a clue: If you own a business and you need to make a page to address all the negative reviews you have online, you are doing it wrong.  Heres a choice quote:

“. In the end, you will have to decide who has greater credibility with you, the happy clients and staff at BetterBirthLLC or the anonymous posters of shocking stories.”

I think what they mean is: In the end you will have to decide who has greater credibility with you, women who want your moneyand defend negligent killer midwives, or multiple unrelated people who have nothing to gain by sharing their story.

Oh yeah, that’s a hard choice!

Its obvious that they are trying to address this website without having to actually discuss their actions towards me. A lot of the language Tara Tulley LCSW/LDEM used in the trial yesterday is present on the website. Attempting to diagnose via blog post is problematic for a variety of reasons.

Abusers use gaslighting to try and make victims question their own sanity. It might have worked if my husband hadn’t been there every step of the way and witnessed everything I discuss here. The worst part about all this is that Suzanne wasn’t even there to witness the majority of what I complained about, but feels qualified to say that my perceptions aren’t accurate. I was there, so was my spouse, she wasn’t. Period. This whole fiasco is just a very poor response to a patient reporting abuse. They simply believe their friend isn’t capable of doing what I said she did, and are scrambling for an explanation that lets them avoid any responsibility.

Who are these women to tell other people that what they experienced or perceived is not correct ? There are so many other women who have shared their stories about better birth’s pattern of misconduct- they aren’t perceiving things incorrectly, their experiences are valid and believable. All that crap about supporting women seems less and less true the more Better Birth tries to explain themselves.

Suzanne Smith’s own words and actions have been thoroughly documented and its clear that Suzanne Smith has extreme difficulty taking responsibility for things that happen at her birth center. That has been the case in all of the incidents I have found online. Better birth posted a bunch of positive testimonials, as if that can undo the damage done to the patients they have wronged. Its easy to find the good testimonials because Better Birth gathers them and puts them all in one place online.-The negative reviews are scattered around. That is why the negative ones are gathered here- to give people a real idea of what goes on at their birth center. I managed to miss negative reviews online when I was researching Better Birth. I can’t say if the negative reviews would have changed my mind, but it would have been nice to know ahead of time. Its only fair that people know.

I have never found a mixed review that said “Better Birth made a mistake, and then tried to make it up to me.” That, to me, is extremely telling. The same pattern is always present when Better Birth makes a mistake. First they ignore, then they deny, then they blame. They have resorted to calling me crazy now because they have nothing left to throw at me. They seem to be bewildered by the anger of the people they have hurt.

In the end I am very happy that this page is up at better birth. It means this website has been remarkably effective. I am also very sad that a webpage like this one is the only real accountability for direct entry midwives.

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