Why do women choose midwives?

About.com’s “five reasons to choose a midwife” article included my personal reason:

You like midwifery style of pregnancy care better. 
A midwife is more likely to be your partner in your care, rather than the director. You are more likely to have her ask you to take part in your care. Some practices have the women weigh and measure themselves to see for themselves how to care of their bodies. By trusting a woman’s body and instilling that faith, the midwife is helping support you in the natural sense of pregnancy and birth.

This was absolutely the reason I chose Better Birth (of SLC/Orem, Utah) for my pregnancy care. It was exactly the care that they advertised and promised me when I signed up as a patient- little did I know that once you sign the paper signifying that you’re in labor (and waiving the right to a refund) the behavior of the staff completely changes. I’ll be chronicling the abuse and mistreatment I suffered at the hands of “better” birth midwives in a multi part series, as well as accepting the stories of others to post on this website. After speaking with the owner of the clinic (Suzanne Smith, CPM) it seems that the way they mistreated me was routine and they will do absolutely nothing to make sure other women aren’t mistreated in the future. It is acceptable for mistakes to be made, but not to refuse to apologize or account for mistakes made.  I’m making it my personal mission to warn women about the sort of “care” they can expect from Better Birth of Utah.

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